Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bitten by the Brush Bug: A Hakuhodo Haul

Prior to this haul my brush collection was, for a lack of a better word, sad. I used to find buying make-up brushes a tad boring so I bought a handful of bits and bobs from random places and then stopped. If I had to pin-point a reason for this purchase, I would say it was mostly the upcoming price increase that Hakuhodo announced a few weeks ago. I've heard it said that the most common misconception about Hakuhodo is that it is very expensive. I would agree with that simply because I thought the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it isn't cheap by any means, but I do find that there is something for everyone regardless of your budget. 

I purposely bought a couple of items from the different series that I was most interested in. I wanted to test the variety of hairs and shapes to see which ones were right for me. 

G Series: G5522BkSL, G5520BkSL, G5529BkSL

The G Series of brushes will be the wave of the future trend. The brushes of G Series have new possibility,including the brush blended blue squirrel with goat, the brush used for liquid foundation, and eye brow brush and lip brush which are large and easy to use.

From the G Series:

- G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (Blue Squirrel/Goat/Sokoho) - $27.00
- G5520BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (Blue Squirrel/Horse) - $20.00
- G5529BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round (Blue Squirrel) - $18.00

S100 Series: S113, S142, S13

S100series-the flagship series of Hakuhodo. we offer a wide variety of sizes considering a basic shape.The handle is made of wood and colored in beautiful vermilion, a traditional Japanese color. It broadens slightly toward the tip and is designed to fit perfectly in the hand.The ferrules are made of brass-rolled 24-karat gold with clear coating.

 From the S100 Series:  

- S113 Highlight Brush round and flat (Goat/Sokoho) - $38.00
- S142 Eye Shadow Brush round (Blue Squirrel) - $27.00
- S133 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (Canada Squirrel) - $34.00 

Kokutan: Powder Brush M, Blush Brush S, Eye Shadow Brush MLL

The Kokutan Series has well-bred repose. We have slso figured out the head of the tips , such as the brushes with blending polyester with blue squirrel and goat. The more you touch a Kokutan handle, the nicer the luster it attains.

From the Kokutan Series: 

- Powder Brush M (Blue Squirrel/Synthetic) - $114.00
-Blush Brush S (BLue Squirrel/Synthetic) - $77.00
-Eye Shadow Brush (Blue Squirrel) - $36.00

 I haven't had enough time to play with these just yet, but I am quite pleased with everything I purchased. The one thing that stands out regarding these brushes is how they have cut the time I spend doing my make-up in half. This is especially true with the application of eye shadows. 

If you are thinking of buying brushes from Hakuhodo, I highly recommend reading Elizabeth's blog- It has a wealth of knowledge about Hakuhodo including information about the different hairs, a buying guide, and so much more. Her clear but never superfluous style of writing makes her blog one of my very favorites. 

The brushes are available at

Any favorite brushes you'd like to share? 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

*Descriptions taken from Hakuhodo.


  1. Great post! I always thought they were super expensive, too, but these prices are not too bad, actually! I am looking for new brushes, too - I usually find them boring, myself :P I like the EcoTools brushes and I have some Sephora ones, but I find myself wanting some variety and just more brushes so that I can wash them more frequently :P

  2. If it's squirrel, I'm there! Suqqu uses "virgin squirrel" and their brushes are heaven!

  3. I've always thought Hakuhodo was well above my price range too, but it's actually not so least not for brushes that will probably last me years and years. Though I already have quite a full collection of brushes, my favs are still MAC!

  4. I did the same thing and have ended up with 11 brushes from Hakuhodo. I have to admit that they are of spectacular quality and I'm really enjoying using them.

    I'm going to use mine a few times, give them a good wash and then I'll hopefully get a few reviews up too.

    Nazia xxx


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