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      1. Product Center

        Professional R&D and manufacturing of high-power DC permanent magnet motor, six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, (modular) controller and variable-speed rear axle

        3000W-5000W controller

        1. Working voltage: 48-72V

        2. Maximum current: 18-180A

        3. Undervoltage: 41.5±0.5V/power supply 48V, 50.5±0.5V/power supply 60V, 63.5±0.5V/power supply 72V

        4. Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

        5. Cooling mode: natural air cooling

        6. Protection grade:IP55

        7. Application: six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor

        8. Characteristics: dual mode drive, high efficiency, stable performance and long service life

        9. Handlebar voltage: 1.2-4.3v

        10. Functions: low-level braking, three-gear speed regulation, speed signal, anti-sliding, constant downhill speed, regenerative braking, CAN function protocol interface